The Trouble With Trixie

Wait, who’s Trixie?

Yes, I know – and so do some of you – Trixie is not my given name. I do have many nicknames, but Trixie is sort of like an Alter Ego. I’m about to reveal just how big a nerd I am, so please… try not to judge.

In the Lord of the Rings stories by JRR Tolkien, there is a character known as Gollum. At one point, when denied claim to his most prized possession, the One Ring, “his preciousss,” he begins to shriek that the other person is being “tricksssy… falssse”. This quickly developed into a joke between my best friend and I, and she began referring to me as Trixie – a phonetic play on the word – as a result of the trouble that we would often end up generating, typically by my instigation.

I suppose I should be rather grateful she didn’t begin to call me Lucy. Of course, that would make her Ethel, and her nickname is much better than that.


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